ESSAY PROMPT: Please compose a 500-800 word essay that addresses each of the following questions: Describe how you have demonstrated leadership ability in your school or community? How do you hope to demonstrate leadership in the future?

Senior 29

Leadership has always been an ever-changing concept for me. Nevertheless, the people I have encountered during my leadership journey have heavily influenced the positions I have taken on today as a leader. One role that has had the most significant impact is being part of the student council at Ruskin High School. I have always believed that having leadership experience is one of the greatest treasures I could ever achieve in high school. The student council journey has shown me life experiences and valuable leadership skills that have prepared me for future success. The opportunity to manage, organize, and conduct school activities and participate in beneficial service projects for others has given me a sense of ambition and ambition. Furthermore, being involved in the student council allowed me to focus on myself by developing unique skills and growing as a person by pursuing causes I am passionate about. In addition to designing and preparing events that contribute to school morale and community interest, the student council gave me a voice to guide and lead others. Not only did I use this voice to advocate for students in Ruskin High School but for the community around us as well. 

One of the most meaningful characteristics of leadership is the power and capability to help others in your community. Giving back to the community is the least I can do for what it has done, not just for me but for everyone residing here. Therefore, I set aside roughly thirty hours of community service to support and aid students at Truman Elementary School through the LINC program, from tutoring and mentoring on various homework assignments to providing leadership and influence to strengthen the future of these young children. Empowering youth to attain their fullest potential, achieve self-sufficiency, and contribute to the public good was an active part of a leadership experience unlike any other. Furthermore, I dedicated time to being a part of the Harvester’s program to assist local families needing household products and meals. Volunteering to divert food waste and put food on the table for families in need built a sense of life satisfaction, knowing I am accomplishing good for the community. Stepping forward to volunteer made me firmly believe that serving the community is a key element of my future. 

In the future, I aspire to persist in partaking in other leadership experiences. After being part of various leadership ventures, I see myself as someone who can guide and inspire others to do the same and do better for their communities. My passion for being a leader derives from my desire to help and support others who need direction or any other form of assistance. For example, with time, I would like to participate in a program similar to 20/20 Leadership. This program has dedicated time and organized unique events for many high school students to help them prepare and be successful for their life ahead. 20/20 Leadership has made a difference in the lives of many, motivating and encouraging young leaders like me that we, too, can better the lives of others. Although the future holds multiple challenges and opportunities, nothing prevents me from continuing to be a great leader.