Future educator and KC Royals Scholar finds inspiration from her own educational journey

Since she can remember, KC Royals Scholar Claire Mansur has somehow participated in activities that involve children, ranging from babysitting to working at summer camps.  All of the roles are fitting for the future educator, who will graduate in December 2016 from Missouri State University in Springfield with a degree in elementary education.  Soon after, she will hold a master’s degree in literacy, due to a program that allows students to complete both degrees within five years.

Claire is currently spending the summer working a youth program at Union Station.  This fall, she will complete her student teaching and look forward to substitute teaching next spring.  In preparation, she contemplates the type of teacher she would like to be. “I want to challenge kids, be hands on and not just pass out worksheets,” she says.

Hands-on is likely an understatement for the 2012 Lincoln College Prep graduate who describes herself as a calm and a go with the flow type of person.  During her junior year of college, Claire served as the lead coordinator for an alternative spring break trip to Dallas.  The purpose of the trip was to provide a safe place for kids in the area to go during their spring break. Her role was to coordinate all logistics for the trip, including the selection of the other students that would attend, the curriculum and activities for the week, along with transportation and lodging.  

None of the planning process for the alternative spring break trip could have been accomplished without professionalism and networking, skills Claire says she gained as a result of participating in 20/20 Leadership.  Participating in the program also helped her begin the process of branching out, as she says she didn’t initially know many other students in the program.   “The field trips also served as opportunities to learn things, such as how to shake someone’s hand and meet professionals,” she said.

Finally, she is also grateful for the opportunity to be named a KC Royals Scholar, a scholarship that has helped her family now that her younger brother begins his college journey this fall.  “I was shocked when my name was called, but I thank my mom for even encouraging me to apply.”

The KC Royals scholarship is made possible by a generous donation from the Kansas City Royals and Royals Charities.  Participants in 20/20 Leadership are eligible to apply for the scholarship.