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The impact of education stays with KC Royals Scholar through high school and beyond


After graduating from Northwest Missouri State University, Dimitric Edwards welcomes the opportunity to return the halls of Lincoln College Preparatory Academy.  The school is not only his alma mater, but it is the place where he was inspired to become a teacher by one he looked up to as a student, Mr. Kevin Conway.  Becoming an educator is just one way he looks to pay it forward after many teachers, advisors and professors have paved the way for him.

Dimitric is not the first in his family to leave Kansas City for Maryville, Missouri as his older sister began attending the university before him.  Visiting her helped his familiarity with campus, but it was the relationships he was most concerned about.  “I didn’t want to be in my sister’s shadow, so my biggest worry had to do with making new friends,” he said. 

As it turns out, getting involved and meeting new people was not an issue for the English Education major, entering his junior year at the university. 

Dimitric has been involved with yearbook for the past two years.  He also serves as the president of the Student Missouri State Teachers Association and the Minority Men’s Club.  His advice to rising college students is simple: “You’ll get out as much as you put in. You’re not experiencing college if you just go to class and go to your room,” he said.

The advice of being active and engaged is another lesson he deems important for current 20/20 Leadership participants.  Dimitric joined the program after being recommended by a teacher and says that participating in the program was the best thing he did as a high school student.  His increased engagement played a role in him being named a KC Royals Scholar in 2014, along with an opportunity to be introduced on the field at a Royals game.

It seems that no matter where Dimitric lands, educating others is in his blood, both formally and informally.  While his initial goal is to work within a classroom, he welcomes the idea of teaching on the college level with the goal of inspiring future teachers.  “Return the favor and be a role model” are words that were imparted on him and represent thoughts that have not left his mind since.