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Armed with confidence, this once self-described shy student looks to make impact in journalism

With a father and grandfather who served in the U.S. Navy, William Crow thought that might be destined for a career in the military as well.  However, with new opportunities and experiences provided to him by participating in the 20/20 Leadership program, he will begin classes at Kansas City Kansas Community College in August 2017, as a Kansas City Royals Charities Scholar.

As scholarship winners were announced on April 20, William heard pieces of his essay and knew he in fact won the $10,000 scholarship.  “I knew those were my words, but I was still in shock,” he remembers.  He also remembers the sense of confidence he had even before being notified that he was in fact one of the top ten finalists.  The sense of confidence was instilled in William by his older brother, who reminded him of these words, “If you want things to happen, they will.”

He thinks back to when he first learned of 20/20 as a sophomore at Turner High School and admittedly, wasn’t as involved in other extracurricular activities. William saw 20/20 Leadership as a program that provided new experiences, such as meeting with professionals at the annual Business Expo and an opportunity to give back to his community through the 20/20 Olympics projects.  William and his team worked for two years to secure $7,500 in funding for their project, Brightening Turner.  The money raised will be used toward the lighting of a futsal court at Midland Trail Elementary School. 

William plans to stay local after graduation, a move he describes as “cost-efficient.”  He will complete his general education courses at Kansas City Kansas Community College and transfer to the University of Kansas to earn a degree in journalism.  His next goal is to start a blog, sharing a variety of personal interests, including sports.  William also looks forward to working as a correspondent during international conflicts, with the ability to report back to viewers in the United States.  He also plans to use his platform to raise awareness about autism.  William’s youngest sister is autistic and he is inspired by his mother’s work with Autism Speaks.

The KC Royals scholarship is made possible by a generous donation from the Royals Charities.  Participants in 20/20 Leadership are eligible to apply for the scholarship.