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Future doctor looks to impact field of medicine, with family by her side

As a young child, Janeth Lopez was taught that she could be anything she wanted to.  With that message, she set her sights on pursuing a career in the medical field.  She also understood from a young age the power of medicine and its ability to change lives and help people at the same time.  As a freshman in high school, Janeth had dreams of becoming a nurse, but now says that she is focused on becoming a surgeon.  On the path to becoming Dr. Lopez, Janeth is also armed with a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) license, earned during her senior year at Ruskin High School.

She will enter the University of Missouri - Kansas City this fall, majoring in biology.  UMKC has been a familiar place as Janeth has taken dual credit courses at the university and participated in pipeline programs that have offered exposure to the medical field.  She also looks forward to the entering into what she calls a diverse and great environment in the heart of the city. “I still plan to live at home with my parents, as I have a great support system in my family,” Janeth adds.

The idea of family is an important one for the hardworking honor student.  Janeth, growing up in a household with her parents and two younger sisters, is the first in her family to attend college.  “It is my responsibility to set the example,” she says.  Janeth has already demonstrated quite the example for her sisters to follow, considering she already has a resume that includes four years of ROTC, the school soccer team, student council, as well as seven years in orchestra.  Additionally, she volunteers at St. Joseph Medical Center. 

The effort that Janeth has displayed as a student and a scholar paid off for her, by way of earning the KC Royals Charities Scholarship this year.  She admittedly was nervous as she attended the Shining Stars Awards Celebration in April and says that the interview via FaceTime didn’t help her nerves either.  “After the interview, I kept thinking about how I made it one step further,” she recalls.  Once her name was announced, Janeth began to remember the effort that she put in as a student and participant in 20/20 Leadership. “It showed me that I could do it,” she says.

The KC Royals scholarship is made possible by a generous donation from the Royals Charities.  Participants in 20/20 Leadership are eligible to apply for the scholarship.