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2020 Leadership is an essential partner with Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools.  It has been a privilege to work alongside the organization as it expands our students minds, and opens doors through new experiences.  Our students emerge from 2020 Leadership with a confidence and a commitment to serve their community. I can state with assuredness that  2020 Leadership is one of those special organizations that has a lasting impact on our youth, our schools, and our communities.  
- Dr. Cindy Lane, Superintendent, Kansas City Kansas Public Schools

Since our daughter has been involved in the 20/20 Leadership program she has been willing to approach a topic with a more open mind, she looks to see the different views and balances them before making a decision.  We have also noticed she can be more creative in persuading us to do something she wants to have done. -- Pat Cassady, parent of alumna 

Our students at Southwest had the wonderful opportunity to be associated with 20/20 Leadership the past four years.  20/20 Leadership personnel provide excellent role modeling, excellent workshops and exercises for our young students to experience.  The 20/20 Leadership program provided an opportunity for our students to apply critical thinking, collaboration and soft skills into their 20/20 Olympics projects.  I wholeheartedly encourage all schools to become a part of the 20/20 leadership family.
 - David Velasquez, Counselor (retired), Southwest Early College Campus

Thank you for letting me present the program to high school sophomores attending my school.  Speaking in front of people allows me to work on my presentation skills. Traveling throughout the city visiting businesses and agencies allowed me to focus on what I would like to study—social welfare.  I would like an internship placement with a social service agency as soon as my college freshman year is completed. Molly Maguire, Class I alumna

Participation in the 20/20 Leadership program has made a significant impact on our students, our school and the community. Teens involved have learned characteristics such as personal and shared responsibility, the relevance of service and collaboration. I have seen students experience invaluable growth in the areas of self-respect, confidence and the sincere desire to make the world a better place.
- Lila Stone, Counselor, J.C. Harmon High School

This program teaches teenagers that it doesn’t matter where one lives, the color of their skin, how one is dressed, or the amount of money one has, it’s who we are and what’s inside of us that makes us special and we have to work hard to be who we want to be!Josh Criswell, Class IX alum

I enjoyed my participation in the 20/20 Leadership program.  The learning experience it provides for the students is exceptional.  I only wish such a thing had been around when I was in high school. —Lewis Diuguid, Kansas City Star

20/20 Leadership has prepared me for the future in several ways.  All of the field trips we took each month opened me up to the different career paths, which were very informative; but it was always interesting to see the connections made with individuals along the way. More importantly, it has shown me how that relates to my community and how I can hopefully give back to my community in ways like this.  The time spent visiting with different colleges definitely prepared me for the future, because it helped me decide where to go for college!Caitlin Burns, Class III, Class XIII alumna

I would be hard-pressed to find another program in the Kansas City metropolitan area that teaches the skills taught at 20/20 Leadership.  No other program includes such a diverse group of juniors and seniors who learn to explore their own futures through self-exploration, government processes, community development, personal finance, resume building, college scholarships and college searches.  All of this occurs within a system that holds students personally accountable for their actions and one where they “truly” enjoy the experience.  For many of our students, the experience is transformative, therefore, one that cannot be measured in dollars but one, that benefits the entire community.
 - Charles Waldeier, Counselor, Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts