20/20 Leadership is the premier Kansas City youth development program dedicated to preparing students for life after high school


The mission of 20/20 Leadership is to provide high school students unique experiential learning opportunities to expand their education beyond the classroom, develop resilient leaders, and build stronger communities.

percent of our students graduate from high school
percent of our students attend a post Secondary Institution
report significant confidence in their ability to succeed after high school
of alumni report the program continues to impact their success

Since 1993, over 4000 Kansas City students have completed our program

Today's youth face a wide array of challenges.  With graduation rates below national averages and a widening achievement gap the reality, comprehensive programs like 20/20 Leadership have shown promise in cultivating a pattern of success for all students.  The 20/20 Leadership program has emerged as a critical component to the the success of Kansas City's youth, providing an environment where each student is nurtured and provided the personal development necessary for post-secondary success.

Who can participate?

The 20/20 Leadership program is designed for a highly diverse group of students of all academic levels, but focus is primarily on the 2.0-4.0 GPA student. Our staff provides services to students from 17 different schools in the Kansas City Area including students from both the Kansas City Missouri Public High Schools and the Kansas City Kansas Public High Schools. 


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