ESSAY PROMPT: Please compose a 500-600 word essay that addresses each of the following questions: Reflecting on your participation in the 20/20 Leadership program, how have you grown as a leader? How will you use what you’ve learned in the future? What does “leaving a legacy” mean to you?

Alumni 12

Firstly, I’ve grown a lot from 2020 Leadership for many reasons. Which helped me become a great leader, an excellent work partner, and a great student. This program has helped me with public speaking and motivating others. Undoubtedly, just by being in the 2020 Leadership family, it has gotten my name out there which pushed me to commit to serving my community. Also, I would like to learn more in the future. After graduating from my Senior year in High School.

Throughout my High School career, I had come to a final decision to become an Art Therapist and become an American Sign Language (ASL) translator, starting my own business all around Missouri. While continuing to learn this new language so I can become certified. Alongside that, is that I do public service days with the deaf and hard of hearing. I enjoy being a part of the Helping Hands Community. In addition, I’ve been looking forward to different opportunities at Colleges such as the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC) and Avila University. Previously, I had talked to a few of my counselors and they gave me some insight on internship opportunities. Also, while researching Colleges I found some great programs that work with my major and minor.

Secondly, things I can use from this program in the future would be the Financial Expositions and the Career Expositions. The reason for it is because it could help me with my money expenses. Helping me make rational choices in my life. Importantly, the Career Expositions helped get my foot in the door because after College I plan on joining the Army to become a Behavioral Health Specialist. However, I will only be on reserve because I want to be a Therapist in and out of the Army. Apart from this, I have a strong desire to do public speaking, thanks to the help of 2020 Leadership.
Thirdly, Leaving a legacy as a Senior in High School holds a strong meaning to me. It’s about making my mark on the School and its community. Leaving behind a positive influence that brings smiles to people’s faces every morning. This legacy that I hold is not just academic, but it’s also personal growth. Growth that contains leadership, and promotes a supportive environment for those who come after me. Inspiring others to strive for excellence, to pursue their passions with diligence, and to develop a strong, inclusive, and kind personality for the students.

Moreover, leaving a legacy dedicated to recognizing the interconnectedness of their actions. Whether from challenging projects, leading clubs, or even lending a helping hand. Every nice and knowledgeable gesture helps shape the school’s culture. Without a doubt, it’s about leaving behind a legacy of kindness, resilience, and determination that helps future generations prevail, overcome their most difficult fights, and embrace their true potential. Ultimately, leaving a leadership legacy is about leaving behind a piece of myself that can continue to inspire, impact, and uplift others long after I graduate from High School.