ESSAY PROMPT: Please compose a 500-600 word essay that addresses each of the following questions: Reflecting on your participation in the 20/20 Leadership program, how have you grown as a leader? How will you use what you’ve learned in the future? What does “leaving a legacy” mean to you?

Alumni 17

As a senior in high school, my journey through the 20/20 Leadership program has been nothing short of transformative. The experience has not only honed my leadership skills but has also provided invaluable insights that will undoubtedly influence my future pursuits.

My leadership and personal development have both accelerated as a result of my involvement in the 20/20 Leadership program. With the program’s immersive activities and mentorship opportunities, I’ve been able to confidently push outside of my comfort zone and take on leadership roles. Through group projects and speeches in front of an audience, I’ve developed my ability to lead by example and overcome a variety of obstacles.

My knowledge of the value of good communication has been one of my biggest areas of development.The program emphasized the power of clear and concise communication in leadership. Whether it was outlining concepts for group initiatives or sharing my vision for a specific project, I discovered that good communication is essential to being a successful leader. I have no doubt that this ability, which I developed from real world experiences, will be helpful to me in my future academic and professional career paths.

The 20/20 Leadership program has also improved my capacity for cooperative teamwork among different members. I learned that leadership is a group effort that relies on the united strength of the team rather than a solo effort. Group projects and participatory workshops helped me recognize the different viewpoints and abilities that every team member contributes. I intend to keep this collaborative spirit throughout my time in college and beyond because I understand how important diversity is to accomplishing common objectives.

I am excited to use the knowledge I have gained from the 20/20 Leadership program in my upcoming pursuits. My preparation for college and further studies will surely be much aided by the leadership abilities I have developed. I have the resources to have a positive influence, whether it is through leading student organizations, taking part in volunteer work, or helping with academic assignments.

In addition, the program has made me feel that I have a duty to give back to the community. I’m dedicated to utilize my knowledge and abilities as a future leader to make a significant contribution to society. This could be giving back to the community by volunteering for projects, mentoring younger students, or supporting groups that share my ideals. My love for community service has been sparked by the 20/20 Leadership program, and I can’t wait to use this energy to bring about great change.

Looking back on my leadership path as a senior, leaving a legacy means a great deal to me. It includes one’s ability to leave a lasting impression on other people as well as the community, going beyond personal achievements. A leader’s positive legacy, in my opinion, is the leadership, inspiration, and constructive change they leave behind that lasts long after they have passed away. As I go through life, I want to leave a legacy of compassion, tolerance, and a dedication to encouraging people around me.

In conclusion, the 20/20 Leadership program has been instrumental in shaping my leadership skills and perspectives as a senior in high school. The program has equipped me with the tools to communicate effectively, collaborate within diverse teams, and embrace a sense of responsibility towards the community. As I embark on the next chapter of my academic and professional journey, I am ready to apply these lessons, leaving a positive legacy and making meaningful contributions to the world around me.