ESSAY PROMPT: Please compose a 500-600 word essay that addresses each of the following questions: Reflecting on your participation in the 20/20 Leadership program, how have you grown as a leader? How will you use what you’ve learned in the future? What does “leaving a legacy” mean to you?

Alumni 7

I have been in 20/20 leadership for four years. I joined my freshman year, my hybrid school year, meaning I came to school a few days a week, stayed in one classroom all day, and did all my learning through Zoom. I remember receiving my acceptance letter and being so excited to be involved. I told friends, my teachers, and of course, my parents. All were very excited for me to be a part of the group. When joining 20/20 leadership I was unsure of what to expect. During my first year, we did virtual college tours, learned about different ways to be leaders at our school, and also talked about what 20/20 would really look like when things with COVID started to die down. I have always known I wanted to go to college but I also understood that the cost of education is so high, so, it was going to be challenging for my family to get me to a school we could afford. I have always known what I wanted to be when I grew up, a teacher. My teachers have always been my role models. There are so many teachers I remember having growing up who have left good impressions on me. Throughout my whole educational career, I have tried to make it my goal to get along with my teachers and build strong bonds with them. Becoming an educator requires college, 20/20 leadership has introduced me to so many different amazing schools and career options, which has helped me grow as a leader. During a 20/20 leadership career and college fair I saw the KCK public school’s booth and b-lined there. While speaking with these leaders they explained to many what I needed to be a teacher, how to make the most money I could, what to look for as a teacher, and gave me their business card in case I had any future questions. I felt so connected with my community and was so glad I spoke with them. Right by the KCK public school’s booth was a KC scholars booth, I also spoke with them. They talked to me about different scholarships I could apply for and how to make the most out of the rest of my high school years. 20/20 leadership has helped me interact with others and be the best version of myself. They have also taught me to push myself and take up different opportunities that are offered to me. Without 20/20 I would not have built the connects with others and would have missed out on so many amazing opportunities.

I can use what I have learned from 20/20 leadership by applying the skills to my future job: teaching. While in 20/20 I have learned different ways to communicate with others and expand my social network. I have always been pretty shy, 20/20 leadership has helped me break that barrier and become more willing to reach out to others and talk with more people.

While in 20/20 leadership when I was a junior, I participated in the 20/20 Olympics. Our project was to start a multicultural club. My school is very diverse, we wanted to create a club where everyone felt included. We presented this to the 20/20 panel, and they chose us as one of the winners! I was so excited and proud. This is such an amazing legacy I am so honored to leave behind. Leaving a legacy to me means making a mark and impacting others even after I am away.

20/20 leadership has made me a better leader, friend, future educator, and person.