ESSAY PROMPT: Please compose a 600-700 word essay that addresses each of the following: Describe a need within your community. What do you plan to study after high school? How will your future education help you impact that need within your community?

Gene Denton 17

I plan on starting my own small business in the Kansas City area after college. By doing this, I ensure that I can help Kansas City grow even if it’s a small step. Even with starting small, I can help the less fortunate by giving them chances to work and support their families. I grew up less fortunate with friends that needed help but did not get it until it was too late. I want to be the change that can help those in my community who have lived this same life as me

 My plan for my business is one where the employees are happy and know that I am not taking advantage of them like other companies do. I will pay more and actually give them benefits that they can use because I understand what it is like to not have everything you need. Mothers and fathers should not have to work two jobs. They should be able to spend time with those they love. My business will be a safe place where everyone will be able to go for support if they need it. My business’s mission will also be to make close connections with our customers, as well.

I also plan to help with the problem of gun violence in our community by providing a center or club where kids have access to athletics, hobbies, and tutoring after school and during the weekends because here in Kansas there are not alot of places that help out kids during the weekend when they need help the most. If they have a place to go and fun things to do, they’re less likely to get wrapped up in bad things that lead to gun violence down the line.  I want to use my success from pursuing a college education to help Kansas city Kansas youth have better futures and build better lives for themselves.

By returning to Kansas after graduating from college I will have a better perspective on how to help grow and improve are community. Unlike someone who just comes from another place that doesn’t know what to do to improve are community because they weren’t raised in it .  With my degree and knowledge I get from college I will be able to start more than just one small business. Over time I will get more business and those businesses will grow to big business giving everyone more opportunities to help the community therefore helping it grow to a better place. I also plan on starting a remodeling business to fix up and rebuild all the abandoned run down houses and buildings. Making are community look alot more because more houses in the community will bring housing prices helping out are communities. 

 I have a lot of plans for my future in KCK and how I can make it also help our community, and with the help of reasons to believe scholarship fund, my chance to go to college means these plans will become a reality.