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Every program year, seniors in the 20/20 Leadership program are able to apply for three scholarships offered through the 20/20 Leadership program. These include the $10,000 Kansas City Royals All-Star scholarship (5 recipients per year), the $1000 Gene Denton Memorial Scholarship (1 recipient per year) and the $500 20/20  Alumni Scholarship (one male and one female recipient per year).

20/20 Leadership Alumni Scholarship Recipients
Our alumni began presenting two annual $500 scholarships in 2005. The following students have received these awards:

Student Scholarship Year
Ibrahim Khan, Ruskin High School   2017
Shelby Woodruff, Ruskin High School 2017
Harrison Lara, William Chrisman High School 2016
Jaliyah Spann, Sumner Academy of Arts and Science 2016
Derric Durham, Ruskin High School 2015
Imani Reid, University Academy 2015
Kassandra Yanez-Lozano, Washington High School 2014
Deion McQuarters, Bonner Springs High School 2014
Zachary Wenig, Truman High School 2013
Imani Lewis, Sumner Academy 2013
Yara Puente, Van Horn High School 2012
Bobby Ketchum, William Chrisman High School 2012
Julius Powell, F.L. Schlagle High School 2011
Rachel Snow, William Chrisman High School 2011
Christopher Shelton, Washington High School 2010
Mackenzie Russo, Olathe East High School 2010
Aaron Farish, J.C. Harmon High School 2009
Jennifer Ohler, Piper High School 2009
Seth Irving, Wyandotte High School 2008
RaShay Green, University Academy 2008
Jarred Harrington, Bonner Springs High School 2007
Sarrah Hearne, Truman High School 2007
Carlos Pacheco III, Bishop Ward High School 2006
Alice Chishimba, William Chrisman High School 2006
Jason Powell, Paseo Academy 2005
Katie Mann, Bishop Ward High School 2005


Royals Charities Scholars

Student Scholarship Year
Alicia Alonso, J.C. Harmon High School  2017
William Crow, Turner High School  2017
Malachi Hibler, Washington High School 2017
Janeth Lopez, Ruskin High School  2017
Jordan Shiao, Bonner Springs High School 2017
Brandon Birch, Northeast High School 2016
Gary Bradley-Lopez, Wyandotte High School 2016
Power Lee, F.L. Schlagle High School 2016
Angie Littlefield, William Chrisman High School 2016
Shanakay Osbourne, Ruskin High School 2016
Rachael Mirth, Washington High School 2015
Colton Russell, Turner High School 2015
Del’Sha Roberts, F.L. Schlagle High School 2015
Michelle Thatsanithone, Lincoln College Preparatory Academy 2015
Shardae Williams, Ruskin High School 2015
Deion McQuarters, Bonner Springs High School 2014
Elizabeth Snow, William Chrisman High School 2014
William Scott, Bonner Springs High School 2014
Jordan Jackson, Bonner Springs High School 2014
Dimitric Edwards, Lincoln College Prep 2014
Ciara May, Lincoln College Prep 2013
Peter Son, Wyandotte High School 2013
Roda Mohamud, Southwest Early College Campus  2013
Rose Bertine Mercier, Ruskin High School 2013
Josh Cooper, University Academy 2012
Rebecca Atchley, William Chrisman 2012
Roda Mohamud, Southwest Early College Campus 2012
Kelsey Schriver, Piper High School 2012
Danyale Anthony, Wyandotte High School 2012
Claire Mansur, Lincoln College Preparatory Academy 2012


Gene Denton Memorial Scholarship

Student Scholarship Year
Faith Johnson, Washington High School 2017
Madison McGary, Lincoln College Preparatory Academy 2016
Dajuan Hindsman, Lincoln College Preparatory Academy 2015
Kimberly Chexnayder, Paseo Academy 2014
Ramat Abanishe, Washington High School 2013
Anthony Ruelas, Van Horn High School -- first recipient 2012


Nita's Great Achiever Scholarship

Student Scholarship Year
Arieanna Boyd, Lincoln College Prep  2017
Shelby Donnell, Ruskin High School  2017
Yodit Gebrezgahber, Wyandotte High School  2017
Alexis Yeager, Wyandotte High School 2016
Juan Ramos, F.L. Schlagle High School 2016
Kali Chatmon, Bonner Springs High School 2016


Dorothy and Hubert Archer Educational Scholarship

Student Scholarship Year
Michelle Obiesie, Piper High School  2017
Karen Amaya, J.C. Harmon High School  2017
Elizabeth Straub, William Chrisman High School  2016
Karen Amaya, J.C. Harmon High School 2016
D’Angelo Hicks, J.C. Harmon High School 2014




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