ESSAY PROMPT: Please compose a 500-600 word essay that addresses each of the following questions: Reflecting on your participation in the 20/20 Leadership program, how have you grown as a leader? How will you use what you’ve learned in the future? What does “leaving a legacy” mean to you?

Alumni 20

Reflecting on my participation in 2020, leadership has grown and made me a successful leader, as I was exposed to multiple things that would help me understand the basics of what a great leader is, what abilities I need to be known as a role model, and much more. This also refers to my participation in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), which this program is similar to 2020 leadership, as this program builds my strength to become a perfect leader later in the future to help me with my career goals. All these opportunities I was exposed to opened a door for new ideas to come through my mind and conduct certain aspects of leadership abilities from my potential and my skills. This is from the different field trips I’ve attended and participated in, as this program is to go on field trips and learn the different features of leadership.


Furthermore, this reflection on my participation will soon help me learn the best ways to become a great leader, as I will use these skills from 2020 leadership and FBLA in the real world time like communication skills, creativity, time management, and many more skills that I feel I would use in the real world, especially in college. However, the most important thing I feel I would need to use a lot is communication, as in the real world without the use of communication, things will have a lot of setbacks, as the lack of communication can hurt you the most and can sometimes hurt others as they won’t understand what situations you are coming from and can leave lasting effects. This is why I’m confident in communicating well with others since I was invited to the 2020 leadership to use my voice loud and proud. After all, I was more of an introvert because I was too shy to speak up. However, that changed with leadership, since it removed that shell from me and allowed me to speak. 


Lastly, leaving a legacy is like you have either given up on something valuable or inherited from a family member. However, this can be used as a word for you giving up your business to a former staff member and promoting them as the new CEO of the company, but leaving a legacy is something that I would want to wait until it is a perfect time to do so, as I can become a successful software developer of an organization and soon pass that company on and help further that company to great extents. This can be from passing on my skills, sharing lessons with individuals, and/or coaching others on the right skills to become a successful individual for generations to come. This is the same thing that the staff members of the 2020 leadership do and that’s because they help us focus our attention on the right path to our careers and to share their skills, scholarships, and activities for us to enjoy and use for our advantage.