ESSAY PROMPT: Please compose a 600-700 word essay that addresses each of the following: Describe a need within your community. What do you plan to study after high school? How will your future education help you impact that need within your community?

Gene Denton 2

Hello my name is &&&&& &&&&& I’m very athletic, I love sports, I love dealing with technology, and I am a senior at &&&&& &&&&&. In this essay I will be answering the questions Describe a need within your community?  What do you plan to study after high school? How will your future education help you impact that need within your community? 


I believe that if more programs and youth programs would help keep kids around here more busy with they life instead of sitting inside the house being bored all day. With no movements unless they going to go eat or sleep. It can be a lot of different types of programs like youth football basketball baseball league, boys and girls club, and etc. It will help young kids stay out the streets, stop smoking, and stop them from being very unhealthy. For when they get older they will be good leaders to the next generation after them.


After high school I plan to study computer science with coding. I love to be in a technology business of course I believe it suits me very well. A lot of people disagree with me saying after college I most likely won’t have a job waiting for me or its too hard to even do it and be successful but I think if you try hard enough it doesn’t matter who you are you can be successful. Working on technology has been in my dream since I was four years old. Watching people play the game and when I play it was just amazing but when I start seeing other technology and how its been improving. I started to admire the virtual games and the graphics to make it almost look like its real life. Being a game developer would be amazing to the advertising business as well. We can make games with tv shows and movies or leagues and have items in the games for advertising like shoes and brands in nba2k. You can also advertise music as well but you need to have a contract agreement with the other companies to make sure you can put it on your game or else you would be sued. Being a game developer is my decision for right now.


My future education can help my community with technology wise it can help and improve the programs and help set them up. It can also be a technology program where they can help and design robots and can help them find scholarships or even a great career. This will help the next generation to stay out of trouble and keep them up and moving and ready for when they are ready to go to college. I think this is a huge way to already lead others to success. I think some of the programs that can help them is either help develop making a game, trying out the game, or making they own small technology. We can have classes for it too just for them to get an extra head start so help them when its they time to start.


So this is the end of the easy and my answer was to help out the next generation, being a game developer, and creating technology programs. A lot of others agree with me and some disagree. That’s their own opinions but I’m sticking to being a game developer because I love the technology industry. This is the end of the essay and I would like to say thank you for reading this and giving me and amazing opportunity to help me with my career and others. I am truly bless for this opportunity thank you very much to the gene scholarship and 2020 leadership program.