ESSAY PROMPT: Please compose a 500-600 word essay that addresses each of the following questions: Reflecting on your participation in the 20/20 Leadership program, how have you grown as a leader? How will you use what you’ve learned in the future? What does “leaving a legacy” mean to you?

Alumni 25

Throughout my academic journey, I have consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence. I’ve maintained a 4.0 GPA and held the 1st rank in my class while engaging in numerous extracurriculars, consistently volunteering, and working 20-30 hours a week to help provide for my family. Throughout my high school career, I have competed in sports every season and have helped lead groups such as National Honor Society, Diversity Ambassadors, Student Council, Step Team, Spanish Honor Society, our school band, and 20/20 Leadership. The 20/20 Leadership program gave me an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and not only work with people from my school, but people from all around the county. I met so many great people through this program. It has provided me with new knowledge, connections, and networking opportunities. I always looked forward to the field trips because I knew I’m was going to walk away with valuable information to help me prepare for my future. These experiences have not only honed my academic skills but have also fostered leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. I’ve taken on many challenges, pushed myself, never settled for less, and have acquired skills that will without a doubt make me successful in the future. I will use what I’ve learned to continue persevering through all I may face until I reach success. I aspire to follow my goals in pursuing a higher education and become the leader I’ve always dreamt of being. Leaving a legacy is something that resonates deeply with me. Leaving a legacy means making an impact on the world that will endure once you’re gone. It’s weaving a part yourself into the fabric of the world. When you leave a legacy you are ensuring that your values, actions, and love continue to influence and inspire long after you’re gone. In the future, I want to make a positive impact on the world by helping those in need. Whether it’s becoming a nonprofit defense attorney to help those in low income areas who can’t afford good representation in court or starting my own charity to help those who don’t have access to clean water throughout the nation, I will not settle. I want to win awards across the world for philanthropy or become the first African American woman to do some great thing. It would make all my hard work, time, and dedication truly worth it. Community engagement and involvement in school have always been valuable to me. I strive to challenge myself and learn as much as possible. This program has been a great addition to my final years of high school. I will take everything I’ve learned with me in the future to excel in all of my endeavors. Thank you for your consideration and I am beyond excited to see what my future holds.