ESSAY PROMPT: Please compose a 500-800 word essay that addresses each of the following questions: Describe how you have demonstrated leadership ability in your school or community? How do you hope to demonstrate leadership in the future?

Senior 9

Leadership that I show in my school.  Is helping out Staffing members whenever they need help. Whether that me recording a basketball game.  Printing out paper.  Bringing guests or setting up meetings with other people.  Even heading out food to others in need.  I just enjoy the process of helping others. Being able to show others,  or be a role model.  in order to improve the community. always leaves me in a positive  move.  how do I plan on using my skills down the road. I plan on saving money an understanding the core fundamentals of business psychology. so that I could help others to move at a rate that suitable and work consistency. so that others can live for a longer time. To just be happy. To be able to enjoy life,  and care for others.  leadership has taught me many things that would never forget. the moments of admiring others and wanting to be like them and being able to do the same for future Generations is what I’m looking forward to.